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What is 'Home Rule' in Hawaii and why hasn't it ever been asserted? Leave us alone!

The island of Hawaii aka: The Big Island

Do you like apples? Well listen to this...

The people of the Big Island need to learn what Home Rule is and why they should use it. Politicians, some of them already know and are either afraid to use it or more likely, afraid it will be used!

We got our Constitution almost verbatim from Alaska's Constitution. They also have Home Rule and they use it! Why does Honolulu and Oahu get to tell us what to do when their decisions are in THEIR best interests not ours on the Big Island. We are hundreds of miles away separated by ocean. Each island is isolated from each other by geography. The Hawaiians knew that each island was uniquely different with it's own identity and it needs to be reflected in the law. And it is...its called Home Rule and we are not being represented fully under the law as it is written. All the money and power is in Honolulu. Fine, have your big city politics and the constant erosion of the culture and beauty of Hawaii. We're good over here. We don't need or want any of it.

We can rule ourselves. This is our home not yours Honolulu. Ask your local representative, politician or even and local lawyer about Home Rule. Odds are they don't know Jack! If they do, they only think they do most likely. And those who do know about Home Rule are the ones in power and money is power. Follow the money- is the easiest way to see why Home Rule has been ignored to the point of being hidden in plain sight.

Want to make cannabis completely legal on the Big Island? Non-regulated and exported world wide to make us one of the richest islands/ populations per capita in the world? HOME RULE!!!

what does it take to implement Home Rule? Who has the final say on Home Rule? Who will take the torch of Home Rule here on the island of Hawaii and run with it? These are real questions for real leaders and real people who know what's right and are tired of being pushed around by bullies. Where's the Aloha? The Aloha is in Home Rule!!!

So what do you think? How do you like THOSE apples?

please click share if you are for the "Power to the People!"

can I get an Amen!?!

J. Lamoore


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