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The Chosen and the Resurrection: How to bring “the one” back to life

"All good things must come to an end” is the saying. All that lives must die, nobody gets out of here alive! Well… absolutely true of course with one possible exception. Its an easy trick to pull off if your Dad is God. It only took Jesus three days to bounce back it is said. It isn’t really that hard to do if you are God. You might be wondering what all of this has to do with growing cannabis.

You are God. When it comes to growing your plants you really are God. You have the power of light, water, air, nutrients, temperature, humidity, etc.…you get the idea. All growers, given enough time (or money) will find themselves growing “the one”. Specifically, it’s the plant that makes you think to yourself “if all my plants were like this one…it would be heaven” or “I must have hit the genetic lottery!”. Sometimes we know immediately when we see the vigor or first catch a whiff of the supreme scent early in flowering. But usually we don’t see the light until she is in her full glory, you can hear Angels singing when you gaze upon her. This is what pheno hunters live for. The Holy Grail of buds… The One.

“The proof is in the pudding” is the other saying. The One takes her throne after she is fully experienced (smoked/vaped) but unless you made cuttings weeks or months ago she, like many gods of yore will be no more. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Remember…you are God. You have the power or everlasting life. There are a few different ways to insure The One lives on. Timing is everything.

There is the obvious way to guarantee your strain lives on…always make cuttings of all your female plants. But if you, like me, seem to have missed that window of opportunity all hope is not lost. At any point, a cutting can be made. Even when in full bloom, making cuttings from buds does work. It will take a considerable amount of time to root then revegetate and get a vigorous plant growing again, 2 months would be a quick turnaround. If your plant is really that amazing, its not a bad way to go but there’s another way…the “regrow”.

When harvesting don’t cut the entire plant. Leave the first couple nodes/branches with their little tufts of leafy bud nearest the stalk. Put the plant (what’s left of it) back on an extended vegative light cycle. It usually takes a week or two before fresh bright green growth appears on what used to be tiny tufts of flower. Eventually what flower was there will die and need to be removed stimulating the resurrection even more.

This is a better way to go because the plant still has a complete root system. Once you get a few sets of true leaves the plant will grow vigorously because it can use more nutrients with the full root ball. There is also another technique that can be used at almost any point during The One’s life cycle. Tissue culture is a guaranteed way to ensure everlasting life from the chose one but now we’re talking months and months to have a cloneable plant. This takes specialized equipment and conditions that can be costly and with an experienced grower making the culture. It’s a process prone to failures for the newbie. Not for the home grower.

So here’s a little trick from Professor Potgrower that will help speedup regrowing your finishing plant or plant that’s may want to finish even though you left tiny buds and switched the lighting schedule. Some fast finishing high altitude strains want to finish and die and it can be difficult to revegetate these cultivars. About a week or so before you plan on harvesting your Holy mother of all plants, move the plant into the veg room. Now don’t freak out, you will harvest as scheduled and you flower will not even notice (that much if at all). It takes a while for the hormonal changes to affect the growth patterns between veg and flower. You won’t see it but be sure it is happening. Now, when you harvest and leave the little tufts of buds behind, you will see new vegative growth much sooner. As fast as a few days and you will be well on your way to extending The One’s existence and guaranteeing life after harvest. Regrown plants tend to be very branchy and excellent mother plants for future propagations.

It’s never over, never say die…use your powers. You can regrow a plant in early flower if you observe Heavenly traits early on. The sooner you get it vegging or make cuttings, the sooner you can grow an entire crop of God’s Gift, Holy Grail Kush, or…. The One. God helps those who help their plants live on!

Happy Easter!


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