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Master Grower Tips

Many growers have different techniques for growing cannabis. Time tested, many growers are set in their ways. The old saying goes; “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. This is a good philosophy however, if you are unaware of a plant’s potential you will fail to realize it. Just because your crop turns out great, in your opinion, doesn’t mean it really was. And what works for one grower or strain may not be best for another.

Unlike animals, plants don’t get what they need from the intake of nutrients. If a pregnant mother needs any particular nutrients she gets cravings. Plants don’t get cravings…in fact, plants take whatever you give them. Water with colored water, and get colored plants. Put a cutting in black ink…it turns black. Plants don’t have complex systems that move nutrients to where they are needed nor do they evacuate waste like animals. Therefore, what you give them is everything. To be a master grower is easy. Just give the plants what they need and...


This is the art of growing. Most troubles come from over watering, under watering, over fertilizing, under fertilizing, too much heat (indoors), to much cold (outdoors), poor lighting schedules (24 on or 18/6) and using inferior products (organics are best). Different conditions, different strains and different methods call for different applications. Over time, growers dial in their techniques to realize the plants full potential, and they LEAVE THEM ALONE. You can always learn more and as you do you will find you do less. Work smart not hard. Know your strain, research others’ grows. Learn from others’ mistakes.

All growers have failures. If you have never had any problems you are either new to the game or you don’t know the potential of your plant (don’t know your crop is substandard). Research will save you thousands of dollars and valuable time. Cannabis is very forgiving of mistakes but the difference between a satisfactory grow and great grow are drastic. But if you don’t know the difference you won’t realize the latter.

The best advice I can give any grower, newbie to master: “Give your plants what they need…and leave them alone”. Not literally however, plants are conscious, sentient beings. The respond to your presence, when you talk to them, when music is played and much more. I always talk to my plants, and they ‘talk’ to me. Just like animals, plants need love. Give them what they need. No more-no less. You get to find out exactly what that is.

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Professor Potgrower

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