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Super Mix 125-Growers Pack

The same Super Mix but 10 packs worth. This is an even better value!

All top shelf strains, a pheno hunters dream pack of Hawaiian genetics!

At $40 per pack, it would be $400 for 10 packs(100+ seeds)

packs are closer to 120+, The Professor deliberately tosses his very best  genetics such as:

PunaDiesel ibl   Puna Orange    Maui Wowee    Garden Snow   Maui Kush   Da Kineapple    and countless hybrids.

From super tiny seeds to FAT tiger striped beans, you will have a treasure chest of rare, top shelf exotic genetics.... more than enough to find enough penos for decades.

If this happens to ALSO be "on sale" (which would be crazy!)...snatch up a pack immediately -remember,these are not B grade or second string strains..our very best stuff getsinto the Super Mix including Kona Gold and RKS seeds, we dont incude any seeds from herms.


Super Mix 125-Growers Pack

$420.00 Regular Price
$210.00Sale Price
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