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(from Leafly) 

Kona Gold is a sativa strain that has traveled far from its native origin, the volcanic soils of Hawaii’s Big Island. Soaring cerebral-focused euphoria captures the mind while leaving the body light and functional, making this sativa a perfect pair with or replacement for your morning cup of coffee. A tropical medley of pineapple and citrus flavors are cut by a sharp sour aroma that could almost be compared to diesel fuel. The authentic Kona Gold is unique to its mineral-rich homeland, but its replications overseas still have much to offer sativa enthusiasts.


Kona Gold is the last of the 5 Hawaiianj "crown jewels" that we have procured and made available to the world of weed. Perhaps the most legendary of Hawaiian pakalolo strains, it's name alone nearly as infamous as the all time most recognised cannabis strain ever- Maui Wowie. This cultivar has given birth to more "Pot Tales" about Hawaiian herb than any far. We often get emails asking about old school Hawaiian genetics and often enough they will go into some detail about what they remember about some unmatched weed they encountered way back "in the day" and the most mentioned of all is Kona Gold. If a champion HAD to be named from all the Hawaiian greats, it would most likely be Kona Gold by a unanimous decision. Not that Molokai Snow, Maui Wowee, Kauai Electric and Puna Budder are anything less than Hall of Fame strains, it's not just that stories from how it blew the minds of those who smoked it persist to this day, and not because it is often refered by those as "still the best weed I ever had" 40-50 years later, or the fact everybody who experienced it, had in fact smoked the same stuff as compared to Maui Wowee that has different cultivars from high elevation (4,000-8,000ft.) sativa dominant monsters, low elevation "Ocean Grown" Indica dominant hybrids to top shelf immitators from Molokai passed off to tourists.... and the "other" Big Island classic Puna Budder, second to none yet often any herb grown in that district refered to as "Puna Budda" by locals, not the original Kalapana grown lineages.

No, that's not why it would be named "all time Hawaiian Champion"....

Okay...maybe that is why. 9+ weeks to flower.

large plants, large branches...NUGS. very frosty with a tropical, sweet, hashy flavor...

Kona Gold ibl- ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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