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Jaeger (green pheno) x Island Snow.  Mostly indica 70/30 8-9 weeks.

We got the Jaeger seed directly from Southern Oregon an ended up with one female! And it was a green pheno of a strain known for being purple. Still, the leaves turned purple almost overnight in flowering at 5 weeks. The scent was true Jaeger. The buds solid as a rock with ZERO mold! Winner winner sushi dinner! We now have clones it so good in Puna. So, we shortened up the height and flower time by crossing our Island Snow, mostly Indica. Jaeger is actually Hindu Kush so this is a thunker. Smoke a joint and you go THUNK! Jaeger smells and tastes allot like some Puna stains already so this combo just makes it more so! Jaeger Snow is an okay name but it will probably get a nick name we're pretty sure. Very vigorous! and very Hawaiian! Island Snow is Molokai Snow x Puna Diesel

Molokai Mountain Kush

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