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This is the one and only place to get all 5 Hawaiin legends in one collection. All of these are IBLs and at least  generations old dating back as far as 1977.  Most breeders never release their IBLs because a grower can easily reproduce them, therefor becomoing a one time customer. Most breeders would rather sell femimized seed so you HAVE to buy over and over. The prices listed for individual packs of these Hawaiian classics is already very low considering their rarity and unique genetic. These will certainly be used as backbone strains for many future breeding projects worldwide. It took us over 15 years to locate these varieties and make them available to you.


Maui Wowee

Molokai Snow

Puna Budder

Kauai Electric

Kona Gold


Sold seperately these would price at 1150 dollars for 50 plus seeds- 10 plus per pack. This is a very special deal at a very special price. Big Island Genetics is the ONLY place to find some of these cultivars and the only place to find them all.


-BONUS- as an extra special gift of Aloha we will also include Puna Diesel IBL and Death IBL with your collection...another 350 value.

7 packs of Pure Hawaiian...only at B.I.G.

Hawaiian IBL collection-SOLD OUT of Molokai Snow sub. with Molokilas

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