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This is a cut only Puna strain originally from Kauai. This has been bred as seed for the last 15 years by an infamous Hawaiian grower in Puna who gifted them to BIG. Mostly sativa, solid frosty nugs that are gassy untill the end where sweet citrusy undertones shine through. Easy to trim this a super sativa.


more on Death...after reading your question again I stopped to think about the answer more. I dont know would be most accurate. It's only speculative but I did get some pushback from a particular person upset that I claimed to have this strain, knew anything about it and other less than Aloha stuff. He was right in one way, I had been informed by 2 independent sources that the strain known as Death, cut only in Puna, was infact Kauai Electric re-branded. Now this was news to me only a couple of years ago. Stay with me on this... So this other unnamed individual on Facebook gives me shit because I wrote that the reason it was named Death was because it was killer. Perhaps some creative summation by me, but said person said that they WERE there when this strain did come from Kauai and it's not Kauai Electric and has had several names before finally being called Death. He also eluded that how could this ha'ole have an ibl of a cut only strain? A reasonable question only if already considering the only possible answer. The Professor got this seed from an infamous Hawaiian veteran grower whos had it for 20 years. This braddah started the seeds almost 15 years ago. He knows what hes doing and has backcrossed the cutting with this seed line several times (6-7+ times). This is a bonafide grower who was so happy to get another Puna Diesel cutting from me. He knew how everything else didnt compare to the PD...the death seeds were his way of kicking me something special that he knows I want. I want any and all Hawaiian strains I can get my hands on, its my mission to preserve, protect and proliferate Hawaiian genetics, old and new

Death ibl- half pack

BIG pack 50plus beans $375: 50
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