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Frequesntly Asked Questions

How many beans per pack?  Pack are 10 plus beans unless otherwise stated.

Are beans Hawaiian? Yes, beans are Hawaiian bred and grown under Hawaiian sun.

What kine seeds are these? All beans are regulars, no autos no fems.

What is "IBL"? Inbred line seeds are "pure' genetics. These can be bred again for more of the same seeds. Most breeder don't offer IBLs because the grower can breed those seeds in perpetuity (over and over again forever).

How much is shipping? FREE in the U.S. and Canada, +/- $50 for international orders.

How long do shipments take? Orders ship 1 or 2 times a week. Local orders usually are 3-7 days. Mainland orders take 7-14 days (usually) sometimes longer now with Covid considerations.

Are beans guaranteed? No, no guarantees but we will work with you to insure a happy successful grow!

Does B.I.G. really offer FREE grow consultation to all B.I.G. grows? Yes! From crack to harvest we will guide you throughout the process to make sure you are a VERY happy grower...all for zero charge!

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